Booking With a Limo Company for Airport Travel

If you have a trip planned to Hawaii, Europe, Asia or domestic and need a trip to the airport, I highly suggest calling your local limousine company to take care of it.  Not many people think that limo companies do airport transportation, however they do.  Most automatically turn to taxi cabs or shuttle vans.  You would be surprised to learn how affordable it is to rent a sedan, SUV, limo or van with any limo companies around.

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Obviously, not all limo companies are created equal, so it’s best to call around to find the best deal. Determine whether the price they quote includes the driver’s tip, taxes and fuel.  If you were happy with their service, you may want to book them for your transportation back home.  Sedans are great for 3-4 passengers depending on amount of luggage.  You may have to go to an SUV if you have 4 people or more, each with luggage.

Stretch limos are great for airport pick ups for 6-8 passengers are they is trunk space and extra room in the seating area.  Some companies provide vans, such as the Mercedes Sprinter Van which can sit between 11-14 people.

Many people prefer limo companies due to cleanliness and class in traveling.  Most provide complementary water during the trip with cell phone and laptop power access, which is great for business travelers.  The vehicles are large with plenty of leg room and comfortable leather seats.   Most of all, you’ve got a well-suited professional driver to assist with door service and luggage.

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Be sure to call in advance to set up an appointment as they will need to find a driver.  Besides price comparisons, you should look over reviews on Yelp or Google Plus for reliability.  Ask about reservation and cancellation policies.

Again, you will be pleasantly surprised at the convenience, comfort and affordability of taking a luxury vehicle to the airport and back.  Some trips can cost just $55 one-way in a sedan.  If you have a large group it may be cheaper to rent a large vehicle and split the cost.  Weekdays are typically cheaper than weekends. Rush hour time with traffic is typically more expensive.  Very early morning or very late pick ups can cost extra as well.  These are all things to take into consideration when looking into the cost of booking an airport limo or transportation with a limo company.

Trust me, once you travel with class, convenience, comfort and affordability with a limo company, you will never go back to riding in a taxi cab or a cheap shuttle service.

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